One day a farmer went out to sow seed.  He reached into his seed bag and filled his hand.  Then he tossed the seed out onto the soil.  The seed landed on several different types of soil, and with each type, the result was different.  As teachers (and others who teach) we can read ourselves into the story in several different ways.  We can see that we are the soil.  We can see ourselves as the seed.  We can also see ourselves as the sower of the seed.  Interesting isn't it?  No matter how we live, what we say, or how we think; we are scattering the seed of who we are and what we hold to be true.

Scattering Seed in Teaching is a book that explores the many facets in which teachers fulfill the parable of the sower and how we are called to scatter seed.  It encourages and challenges faith-driven teachers of varying contexts to live out their calling to live and work in a way that understands its complete connection to their life calling.  

I challenge you to read, reflect and join in scattering seed.  It will bless your students, your colleagues, and your community.


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