Jesus calls each of us to live in a way that gives the Father glory, shares His love with everyone around us, and reflects the life of Jesus.  He invites us to scatter seed.  Scattering seed can be a challenge, though, especially in our public lives, our professional lives, and volunteer lives.  Those of us called to teach in some way feel the challenge deeply.  We seek to share knowledge, experiences, and life lessons with a broad and varied group of people and do it in a way that shares Christ’s love.  Often life, curriculum challenges, and student chemistry threaten to derail our best laid plans.  When this happens, it’s easy to be distracted from our purpose or even to forget that our life calling is the same as our calling to teach.  

Scattering Seed in Teaching is about returning to that call or perhaps connecting with it for the first time.

It shares stories, interviews, and observations of teachers and students learning about scattering seed.  It connects with Biblical reminders and encourages us as teachers to reflect on and remember that underlying our professional call to teach is our life call…they are one and the same, to Scatter Seed.

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