I am a husband, a dad, a teacher, and an adjunct professor. For the past two decades, my heart’s work has been to help my students grow, learn, and become through our work together in learning and teaching.

My work as a teacher is driven by what I hold to be true. As a teacher, I want my words, actions, and reactions to show God’s love to my students, and as a father, I want the same for my own children from their teachers.

The field of education is a tricky place to be these days. Teaching, learning, and understanding stuff is what we measure, but there is so much more to the calling of a teacher, especially if that teacher is a person of faith. We are called to live a certain way in all places in our lives, and this way of living has its roots in what we believe.

I have written a book called Scattering Seed in Teaching to share the lessons that God has been teaching me the past 23 years in education. Through it, I want to encourage and challenge other people of faith who are teaching now or preparing to teach. I want to help them see their calling in life as the same as their calling to teach and live out who they ARE in all they do.

This way of seeing and understanding will bless their students, their colleagues, their communities, themselves; and it will honor GOD.