February 2016     Presentation on The Soil at Rockford Public Schools (Professional Development)

February 2016     Scattering Seed is now in print 

April 2, 2016       Scattering Seed Presentation at Cornerstone University TESOL Conference 

June 2016            Presentation for Rotary 

August 2016        ESL Workshop:  Scattering Seed teams with Harvest Church in Westland, MI to build an international friendship center.

October 2016      MITSOL conference at University of Michigan (Flint) Soil: Building Community and Bridging diversity with TESOL Curriculum

October 2016         St. Paul School in Grand Rapids, MI (Professional Development)

November 2016     Rockford Public Schools (Professional Development):  Building Community Through our Teaching

March 2017         Rockford Public Schools (Professional Development): Hospitality and Classroom Culture

March 2017         St. Paul School in Grand Rapids, MI (Professional Development)

April 2017           Krauss Memorial Library Rockford (KDL) Local Author Night
Brian Pickerd,
Oct 15, 2016, 3:47 AM