I am a husband, a dad, a teacher, and an adjunct professor. For the past two and a half decades, my heart’s work has been to help students grow, learn, and become through building community together in learning and teaching.

My work as a teacher is driven by what I hold to be true. As a teacher, I want my words, actions, and reactions to show care and compassion to my students so that they grasp how important they are. As a father, I desire the same for my own children from their teachers.

The field of education is a tricky place to be these days. Teaching, learning, and understanding stuff is what we measure, but there is so much more to the calling of a teacher. We are called to model care, compassion, and integrity in all areas in our lives.

I want to keep growing in all of these interconnected areas, and this drives me to ongoing research to learn and improve my practice.