Teacher education and professional development focus on teachers but must ultimately benefit our learners. Scattering Seed in Teaching has come as a result of over twenty years of learning from work with students. It aims at encouraging anyone who serves in a teaching capacity (teachers, coaches, trainers, youth pastors, etc). It focuses on the practice of teaching and training through a Biblical lens and talks about mission, the field of education, our roles as teachers, the unique needs of each student, and how teachers of every sort can connect their life calling to their vocational calling in education.

When we create curriculum, build lesson plans, and design evaluations; we are serving students…yet we are ultimately doing it for God. When we welcome students, work alongside them, and speak with them; we reflect what we hold to be true by how we do it and think about it. In our personal lives, our professional lives, and our public lives; we are the same people. We are believers. Yet we struggle sometimes with how to make it all mesh.

Scattering Seed in Teaching is for all who teach: traditional day school teachers, college instructors, childcare workers, and home school teachers. It is for youth leaders and Sunday school teachers. It is for camp leaders and coaches. If you teach or lead in some teaching capacity, Scattering Seed in Teaching is for you. It will challenge you to consider how you think about your calling and ask how you can more deeply connect (or connect for the first time) what you do to who you are. It will test your convictions about your teaching and encourage you to act.